Well, here it is the 1st of February already. 2015 is promising to be a very busy year for Belstar photography and Mike and I are very much looking forward to photographing the weddings and portrait photography that are already booked for this year and we are pleased to announce that we have many enquiries about weddings in 2016.

A very big ‘thank you’ to all our past clients for continuing to recommend us so highly to their friends and also we thank you for your repeat business. Mike and I feel it is such a pleasure to be apart of people’s lives on their wedding days and feel privileged to then continue to be chosen for all the family photographic needs’.

One of the most enjoyable photographic shoots that Mike co-ordinates is the ‘surprise marriage proposal’ and Mike has become a bit of a ‘ninja’ at ‘ blending into the background ‘and capturing this exquisitely romantic moment for those lucky enough to have ‘ thought to have the moment captured forever’.

The pure Joy of the couple and surprise of the person being asked the ‘ most important question’ is captured so perfectly for all time and the feedback from couples is always they were ‘so glad that the moment was captured to become part of their story’. So may times Mike has created a montage of pictures from this ‘perfect moment’ for the couple to be played at their engagement party or wedding.

Therefore, Belstar Photography would like to remind all those men or women out there who are planning on ‘proposing to their loved one’, this year, that Valentines day is a fabulous day for romance.

Mike currently has a vacancy for one lucky person this Valentines day. So call Mike and make this one of the most romantic Valantine’s day for you and your loved one and one which will be remembered always. Similarly, call Mike and book your proposal in with Belstar photography. Mike will discuss your needs and design a package to suit your finances.

Mike and I are looking forward to showcasing Belstar Photography in Blogs and sharing the fabulous events booked in for 2015. We look forward to reading your comments posted on this blog

We wish you a safe, prosperous and joyous February

Regards from

Deborah Bell

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