There are over 14,000 World War II Veterans estimated to be living  in Australia and they are invited to be photographed as part of one of the most ambitious photographic projects ever undertaken in Australia – to commemorate our unsung heroes of World War II in print.

On completion, the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP) project entitled Reflections: Honouring our World War II Veterans will provide a compelling pictorial record of returned servicemen and women living in Australia for the Australian War Memorial archives.

Reinforcing the ANZAC tradition, “We will remember them”, professional photographers across the country, accredited by the AIPP  like myself , are donating their time and talent in a unique community project. Any profit from the resale of photographs will be donated to Legacy and the RSL Foundation.

Letters and printed photographs meant absolutely everything to them back then, telling the story of their lives in their youth. It’s only fitting to contrast this with their senior years in the same way, in a timeless gift to them, their families and the nation.

AIPP have partnered with the Australian War Memorial and the Returned and Services League of Australia (RSL) and all portraits will be gifted to the Australian War Memorial’s collection.

Each veteran will receive a complimentary Kodak printed portrait in a presentation folder to commemorate their service given some 75 years ago. Anyone who served in World War II is encouraged to register for their free portrait at . If your local on the central cost call me of course 0n – 0413001777. I will be at the dawn service at Terrigal surf club this Saturday 25th April and then following at the Terrigal Breakers club – ( RSL Sub branch )

For more information on the AIPP Reflections project visit or call AIPP on (03) 9888 4111




Well, here it is the 1st of February already. 2015 is promising to be a very busy year for Belstar photography and Mike and I are very much looking forward to photographing the weddings and portrait photography that are already booked for this year and we are pleased to announce that we have many enquiries about weddings in 2016.

A very big ‘thank you’ to all our past clients for continuing to recommend us so highly to their friends and also we thank you for your repeat business. Mike and I feel it is such a pleasure to be apart of people’s lives on their wedding days and feel privileged to then continue to be chosen for all the family photographic needs’.

One of the most enjoyable photographic shoots that Mike co-ordinates is the ‘surprise marriage proposal’ and Mike has become a bit of a ‘ninja’ at ‘ blending into the background ‘and capturing this exquisitely romantic moment for those lucky enough to have ‘ thought to have the moment captured forever’.

The pure Joy of the couple and surprise of the person being asked the ‘ most important question’ is captured so perfectly for all time and the feedback from couples is always they were ‘so glad that the moment was captured to become part of their story’. So may times Mike has created a montage of pictures from this ‘perfect moment’ for the couple to be played at their engagement party or wedding.

Therefore, Belstar Photography would like to remind all those men or women out there who are planning on ‘proposing to their loved one’, this year, that Valentines day is a fabulous day for romance.

Mike currently has a vacancy for one lucky person this Valentines day. So call Mike and make this one of the most romantic Valantine’s day for you and your loved one and one which will be remembered always. Similarly, call Mike and book your proposal in with Belstar photography. Mike will discuss your needs and design a package to suit your finances.

Mike and I are looking forward to showcasing Belstar Photography in Blogs and sharing the fabulous events booked in for 2015. We look forward to reading your comments posted on this blog

We wish you a safe, prosperous and joyous February

Regards from

Deborah Bell


Eratap – Princess Deborah

A few shots of my Princess at ERATAP

At some point in the next few weeks i will post a portfolio of photos from Eratap and our trip.

For anyone considering honeymoon locations or just a great getaway we can recommend Eratap Vanatu . Its a 5 star location , priced well below other exotic south pacific locations , very private and has won several awards in class in recent years . Just 3 hours from Sydney.

Like any holiday or honeymoon destination at any level its the people and service that make it truly memorable. Everyone at Eratap was welcoming , happy and eager to ensure we enjoyed our stay. About the best recommendation I can give is to say we will be heading back there soon.

A big thanks to all of the team there who I would mention by name were it not through fear of missing someone.

Happy to speak with any one wanting furthur info on Eratap or you can contact them via their website at

Your First Dance

Your First Dance Co. & Belstar Photography

In conjunction with one of our ” First class Partners ” your first dance company , who is also one of Linton gardens preferred partners , we are offering a free introductory private dance package up to 5 lessons for couples who book any of our wedding packages through now until the end of  September 2014 on  all 2014/ 2015 weddings.  Anne -Marie from Your First Dance co will draw the winner from all those who have confirmed bookings via desposit during the period till end September. We will both announce  the winner on our Facebook Fan page very early in October . With  that couples approval, we hope to share their experience via posts right up to and including  the big day.

Your First Dance Co. provide choreographed wedding first dance routines and lessons including the bridal waltz for couples and wedding parties on the Central Coast, Hunter Valley and Newcastle. Dance instruction, private tuition and coaching by a qualified dance instructor.

Second photographer option for wedding


Do I really need a second shooter.

Its a question we are often asked and given we specialize in 2 shooter weddings Central Coast Sydney and beyond and  have an exceptional second shooter , I  am always keen to suggest the benefits.

The obvious one is the ability to capture both the groom and bride getting ready at separate locations, after all you cannot be in 2 places at once, but its a lot more than that . In a church one of us can be overhead at the back the other in close. It also allows for you to be well ahead of the brides arrival while the other captures every detail , such as  being able to see the brides car leave knowing the second shooter is at the church or other venue waiting.

From experience , having a second shooter with you for a 12 hour day or more as many photographers do minimises missing a key shot  . Many photographers employ someone just for a few hours and second shooters are often in training and although I appreciate everyone has to learn “its your wedding “and it only happens once.

My second shooter Sonny ( he is on my home page dressed as ” Captain Jack ”  a event we were both working at)   is one of my best assets. In addition to knowing one another well we both use very  similar Nikon gear,  share equipment,  even know each others camera settings .

The shots above are from a wedding we shot in March at Port Macquarie this year with Liz and Mark a really fun and chilled couple. Although I had briefed Sonny on the event and we had both arrived the night before (it was a noon wedding and with lots happening that morning including rain and with me off with the bride) I left the Groom and his best men with Sonny with little direction other than they all had a connection with the water / surf and “Harry” a much loved past local and Port Macquarie legend.

So the moral of this story is if you need a second shooter make sure its a ” Sonny”  !


New $1295 Wedding Package

Following a number of requests and enquiries we have decided to include a lower cost basic wedding package ( we are calling it the 3 star package )  for those who still want quality fully edited images but are on a limited budget. For week day or non peak time weddings this can also be further  reduced subject to availability .  Details on this and our other 2 packages  now re branded 4 and 5 star can be found on our wedding pricing and packages page.


  •  Full  coverage of your wedding  for up to 5 hours . ( Allocated as per your needs ) Up to 250 fully edited photos  and we edit all photos with additional custom effects to selected photos.
  • We include a video slideshow of your wedding to music of your choosing.
  • One  12 x 20 Canvas print of your choosing
  • All wedding packages include:
  • Pre and Post wedding consultation and planning meeting
  • We provide the photo’s to you in several formats Web friendly for social media and 2 high resolution formats for printing and enlargement . These are provided on portable media in a attractive presentation box.
  • We backup and store your photo’s in our file safe for up to 5 years giving you additional security.
  • We provide a online gallery of your photos initially for proofing but also for you to easily share these with family and friends via your own password.


Sneak Peak – Mr & Mrs Woods

Local Port Macquaire identities Liz and Mark’s wedding was held last Saturday 15th at Harry’s lookout  and reception at Shelly beach surf club. I managed to get all 800 or so photos uploaded and backed up so i could send them a few shots before they left for their Honeymoon in Asia this morning. Here is a look at what was a wedding where everyone really let their hair down and enjoyed themselves – more to follow once Mark and Liz are back from Honeymoon.

Beautiful- Port Macquarie

Just back from the very beautiful port Macquarie where i had been photographing Liz and Marks   wedding ( sneak peak coming soon ) This is the first of several Port weddings I am doing over the next few months. Stayed in a great serviced apartment ( ) right across from beach with Deb and my second shooter Sonny and his wife Nelly.

Photo looking north-east  towards Kempsy  is taken from our table at the River-view cafe early Sunday morning .



A tribute to someone who was very special in my life.

” Monkey ” – August 07- March -14

Some say you were sent to rescue me – I loved you from the start

A special  Bond we always had  which makes your passing hard

You will never to be forgotten your paw prints are in my heart




Earlier this year i had the pleasure of shooting Casey and Dan’s surprise wedding , yes thats right not even the brides father knew till minutes before. Casey looked fantastic and after the ceremony at the Crown Plaza Newcastle we travelled around the foreshore  on the  ” tram ” taking some great photos before returning to the Crown Plaza to continue the celebrations.

It was a day full of surprises for everyone with only a hand full of people including myself aware of what was planned. Casey and Dan were back to work the following Monday but have recently returned from a short Honeymoon cruise taken over a month later looking very happy.

I wish them every happiness for the future.