Second photographer option for wedding


Do I really need a second shooter.

Its a question we are often asked and given we specialize in 2 shooter weddings Central Coast Sydney and beyond and  have an exceptional second shooter , I  am always keen to suggest the benefits.

The obvious one is the ability to capture both the groom and bride getting ready at separate locations, after all you cannot be in 2 places at once, but its a lot more than that . In a church one of us can be overhead at the back the other in close. It also allows for you to be well ahead of the brides arrival while the other captures every detail , such as  being able to see the brides car leave knowing the second shooter is at the church or other venue waiting.

From experience , having a second shooter with you for a 12 hour day or more as many photographers do minimises missing a key shot  . Many photographers employ someone just for a few hours and second shooters are often in training and although I appreciate everyone has to learn “its your wedding “and it only happens once.

My second shooter Sonny ( he is on my home page dressed as ” Captain Jack ”  a event we were both working at)   is one of my best assets. In addition to knowing one another well we both use very  similar Nikon gear,  share equipment,  even know each others camera settings .

The shots above are from a wedding we shot in March at Port Macquarie this year with Liz and Mark a really fun and chilled couple. Although I had briefed Sonny on the event and we had both arrived the night before (it was a noon wedding and with lots happening that morning including rain and with me off with the bride) I left the Groom and his best men with Sonny with little direction other than they all had a connection with the water / surf and “Harry” a much loved past local and Port Macquarie legend.

So the moral of this story is if you need a second shooter make sure its a ” Sonny”  !


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