Eratap – Princess Deborah

A few shots of my Princess at ERATAP

At some point in the next few weeks i will post a portfolio of photos from Eratap and our trip.

For anyone considering honeymoon locations or just a great getaway we can recommend Eratap Vanatu . Its a 5 star location , priced well below other exotic south pacific locations , very private and has won several awards in class in recent years . Just 3 hours from Sydney.

Like any holiday or honeymoon destination at any level its the people and service that make it truly memorable. Everyone at Eratap was welcoming , happy and eager to ensure we enjoyed our stay. About the best recommendation I can give is to say we will be heading back there soon.

A big thanks to all of the team there who I would mention by name were it not through fear of missing someone.

Happy to speak with any one wanting furthur info on Eratap or you can contact them via their website at

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