Client Response Gallery

Client Response is the process that allow us to communicate with our customers regarding their photos allowing them to select and comment on their photos and provide feedback to us as well as allowing photos to be downloaded .It is also the area where we upload client finished slideshows for viewing by them with secure password. Given it does require a password i thought it may be of interest to share a demo client gallery.

This Gallery was one of my visit as a working professional in 2010 it was a million dollar home near the beach on the coast. Take a look at the aerial photos they are taken from 500 feet from a Cessna on a very windy day , from the moment the plane took off i was sick and didn’t even see the ground when i fired away convinced all these shots would be out of focus and blury through camera shake. One of the few time having the best camera and lens set up really did make a difference.


Click on the image to run the gallery

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